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  • Feb
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    Breathing And Meditation

    Learn tools to help with relaxation and calming the mind to bring you to a deeper sense of self.  Each week, instructor Heidi Audet, ERYT-500 will guide students in light stretching and guided relaxation to prepare for seated meditation, as well as breathing exercises known as Pranayama, which help to calm the mind and prepare […]

  • Feb
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    Basics Of Banking

    This FREE seminar is intended for adults who want to learn the basics of banking and the tools and services available to help manage their money.  It reviews the purpose and benefits of a variety of accounts needed for managing money coming in and going out.

  • Feb
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    Beginners Vinyasa Yoga

    Have you always wanted to try yoga, but thought you weren’t flexible enough?  Want to experience a sense of peace and well-being?  Are you curious about learning how to relax and calm anxiety with breathing and flowing movements?  If the answer was yes to any of these questions, Join Heidi for this introduction to yoga.  […]

  • Feb
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    Zumba Session #1

    Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness class.  A certified instructor will lead you through 1 full hour of mixed impact dance combined with toning movements for a full body workout.

  • Feb
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    Acrylic Painting

    Students will have opportunities to experiment and develop skills in various techniques using acrylic paints.  Each week will focus on the independent project goals of each participant, (each night there will be a mini exercise or project to start or continue if students do not have ideas or want to continue to experiment).  Painting themes […]

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