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  • Sep
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    Hospice Volunteer

    People helping people, that’s what hospice is all about.  If you have a passion for caring for others, and if you’re looking for a way to make a difference in people’s lives, consider becoming a hospice volunteer.  As an important part of our hospice team, you can help improve the quality of life for patients […]

  • Sep
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    Zumba Session #1

    Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness class.  A certified instructor will lead you through 1 full hour of mised impact dance combined with toning movements for a full body workout.

  • Sep
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    Building Confidence

    Whether you are navigating recent changes, looking fro a job, starting a business, or simply want to be more confident, join this class to assess your confidence and learn concrete tools to help you build your confidence and keep it strong.

  • Sep
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    Ayurveda 103: Ghee

    Join NAMA-certified Ayurvedic Health Couselor, Heidi L. Audet for her series of Ayurveda Cooking for Fall Wellness!  This educational cooking class series will tantalize your tastebuds and expand your understanding of this ancient practice.  Learn about the health properites of ghee (clarified butter) and why it is beneficial to use during a Fall Detox. Learn […]

  • Sep
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    Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training

    This is an ONLINE ONLY class.  Have you ever seen or heard someone harass, bully, or threaten another person, and wished you knew what to say or do?  Most of us have.  We are all much more likely to be a bystander than a participant or victim of hateful and hurtful words and behavior.  Green Dot […]

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