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  • Oct
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    Essential Oils (A Make And Take Class)

    Maybe you’ve been hearing about essential oils, including CBD oil, and are curious, or maybe you just like finding ways to make gifts for others and to make things for your own use at home.  Whether it’s either, both, or neither but you like to have fun, we’ll have a casual, get-together that will be […]

  • Oct
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    Basic Machine Sewing

    If you’ve always wanted to learn to sew or you’ve done some sewing, but don’t feel comfortable with a sewing machine, this class is for you.  Bring small pieces of fabric and basic sewing supplies.  We will make an easy project each week.  Machines will be supplied unless you prefer to bring your own.

  • Oct
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    Acrylic Painting

    Students will have opportunities to experiment and develop skills in various techniques using acrylic paints.  Each week will focus on the independent project goals of each participant, (each night there will be a mini exercise or project to start or continue if students do not have ideas or want to continue to experiment).  Painting themes […]

  • Oct
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    iPad And iPhone 101

    Want to learn how to use your iPad/iPhone device for more than making calls, sending messages, or playing games?  Take this course to discover the hidden potential of your device.  We will learn how your device can be used to improve productivity, organization, and even replace your desktop or laptop computer.  If time allows, we […]

  • Oct
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    Belly Dancing Session #2

    Are you looking for a fun, new way to get some exercise?  Then why not explore the ancient art form of “Belly Dance.”  Come learn basic moves, hear some of the history behind the dance, and get the chance to meet other women in your community.  No prior dance experience needed!  For more information go […]

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