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    Simple Dishcloth Knitting

    No experience necessary.  Learn to knit a simple dishcloth.  You can bring your own supplies or borrow supplies from the instructor.  

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    Thinking About Buying A Horse

    Have your kids always wanted a pony?  Are you an empty nester who has always wanted to ride?  Has owning a horse always been on your bucket list and you’re just going to take the plunge.  I will share 30 years of horse ownership and a lifetime of experience.  You willl learn the true cost […]

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    Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training

    Have you ever seen or heard someone harass, bully, or threaten another person, and wish you knew what to say or do?  Most of us have.  We are all much more likely to be a bystander than a participant or victim of hateful and hurtful words and behavior.  Green Dot teaches safe and proven-effective Bystander […]

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    Printmaking Overview

    Printmaking is about creating not just one artwork, but a series of them.  Students will come up with and plan their own ideas for printing projects.  They are projects that can be continued or duplicated at home each week.  Students will use black ink primarily, as well as some color options.  (See Supply List).  Students will learn […]

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    Joyful Chair Yoga With A Side Of Laughter

    Mary is a certified Yoga teacher both in traditional Yoga and Laughter Yoga.  One of her passions is to share Joy, Yoga, and Laughter techniques with others.  This class will all be done sitting in a chair with breathing techniques, laughter, and meditation.  All you need for this class is to be “present in the […]

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